20190504_214822This is borne out of a long standing interest in islands around the UK and indeed anywhere in the world.  The challenge is to visit 50 islands over 2 years in 2019 and 2020.  This would be a relatively easy task if this was all that was going on but with a full time job and family commitments, and limited resources, it may not be as easy as it seems.  It has also been challenged by a ‘lockdown’ during the coronavirus outbreak of 2020 which means that it is likely to be extended to 2021.

So what is an island, a question I have been asked on numerous occasions since the idea came to me?  Firstly I am not counting Great Britain as I live there.  Next, in order to exclude tiny rocky outcrops that could be waded to, each island must be or have been inhabited (a lighthouse will suffice).  Bridges are OK but solid causeways that form a solid link to the mainland (or another island) are not.  If the island is tidal, i.e. can be reached by road or path at low tide but is cut off over all high tides, then this is acceptable so long as I stay over a high tide.  I don’t have to stay overnight or anything like that as I simply can’t afford the time for 50 nights away on islands!

Iona Abbey
Iona Abbey from the flight from Barra to Glasgow in 2015

I have already visited many islands around the UK and it’s OK to revisit these.  Transport methods are not important although by default most journeys will end up by ferry.

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